While the Micro-Insurance is not a standalone package, it is attached to ALL other packages for FREE.



No premiums are charged to Corps Members. All packages under the ETC programme comes with;

  • Hospitalization Cover - This means that as a Corps Member, if you fall ill and are hospitalized between 3 - 10 nights, Credit Direct will pay you 50% of your monthly loan repayment. If the hospitalization exceeds 10nights, Credit Direct will give you cash back up to 100% of your monthly loan repayment. Please note this is subject to having a clean repayment history of your existing loan.

  • Life Cover - This means that in the unfortunate demise of a Corps Member, Credit Direct will pay the Corps Member’s next of kin a sum equivalent to the loan assessed by the Corps Member while the current running loan is settled.

Eligibility for Insurance Claims

To be eligible for a claim under any of the covers, the table below shows the requirements to be provided by Claimant

Required Documents

  • Completed claim form
  • Admission and Discharge Forms
  • Medical report from a doctor licensed to practice in Nigeria with NHIS


Corps Member

Required Documents:

  • Completed claim form
  • Evidence of Death – Death Certificate OR Medical Report of Cause of Death OR Medical Report from a doctor licensed to practice in Nigeria registered with NHIS


Corps Member’s next of kin